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Tradition Meets Innovation

The Team

Marty Lagina

Born in Kingsford on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Marty has spent nearly all his life living in Michigan. His background is in engineering and the energy business, but with family ties to one of Italy’s premier winegrowing areas, a passion for wine is in his blood. Marty’s vision for Mari Vineyards is simple: world-class red wines, made locally in northern Michigan but with a nod to the Italian style of his ancestors.

When he’s not off hunting treasure on Oak Island or on some other ill-advised misadventure, Marty’s vision and leadership guide the most important decisions at Mari Vineyards. From what grapes to plant to the architecture of our tasting room and winery, Marty has made sure Mari Vineyards stays true to his dream.

Alex Lagina

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in mechanical engineering, Alex moved back to his hometown of Traverse City to take part in the family business. With the success of the award winning Mari Vineyards wines, his focus was shifted to support the expansion of the vineyards and the construction of the new winery on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan.

When Alex is not working on the development of the winery, he is out filming for the Curse of Oak Island. The show follows Alex, his father Marty Lagina and his uncle Rick Lagina as they attempt to use modern technology to hunt for treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Sean O'Keefe

 Mari Vineyards' winemaker Sean O'Keefe's winemaking pedigree is unparalleled. A member of Michigan's "First Family of Riesling," Sean brings his 20+ years of experience to Mari, After receiving formal training in Germany, Sean was eager to bring his honed craft back to his home in Northern Michigan. Sean is known for having one foot planted firmly in cultivating traditional Northern Michigan varieties, and one foot dedicated to progressing the repertoire of Old Mission Peninsula to include the beautiful Italian wines Mari Vineyards has become renowned for.
Sean O'Keefe's experience combined with the freedom to individualize each vintage according to the character of that year’s high-quality grapes has resulted in our outstanding, international award-winning wines. Now in his tenth year as Mari Vineyard’s vintner, Sean continues to innovate and experiment, which means exciting things are in store for Michigan wine lovers!

Sean Noell

Sean graduated from Michigan State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture. A Traverse City native, Sean moved home to start his career as the Vineyard Manager at Mutual Farm Management. As the Vineyard Manager, Sean oversaw Mari Vineyards’ grapes and specialized in the production and care of the Nellaserra Vineyards.

After six years on the farm, Sean’s knowledge and expertise made him an obvious candidate to expand into wine making. Sean was chosen as the Cellar Master for Mari Vineyards in September 2016. He plays a vital role in producing and ensuring the quality of Mari Vineyards’ wines.

John McIntyre

John McIntyre is the man behind the machines. If it whirrs, squeezes, ferments, levels or planes, and is tied to one of Marty Lagina’s many companies, chances are John has a hand in it. From machine selection, fabrication and installation to troubleshooting and maintenance, John uses his vast professional experience in electrical, mobile, welding, plumbing, hydraulics and pneumatics to keep everything running.

John is responsible for maintenance and periodic re-engineering of farming machinery, viticulture planting equipment and the equipment at Mari Vineyards. He also oversees the logistics and systems for the Lagina's commercial grade sawmill. You may find John in the nacelle of a million-dollar wind turbine -- part of the Lagina’s sustainability initiative with Heritage Energy’s commercial wind farms in Michigan -- or inside a steel fermentation tank at Mari Vineyards.

Even though John is a little shy in front of the camera, he experienced his own 15-minutes of Hollywood fame fabricating three cars named the “Pulse” which were featured in the block buster movie “Back to the Future Two” of the late 1980s.

Andy Jacobson

Andy is the Tasting Room Manager at Mari Vineyards. Hired early in 2016, Andy worked hard to hire staff and create the wine tasting experience that our guests have come to expect. Always friendly and charming, Andy's vast wine and industry knowledge and incredible customer-centric service makes every visit to the winery unique.

Jenna Veiga

Jenna is the Marketing and Events Manager for Mari Vineyards. In addition, she also handles all of the winery's social media.  Jenna has been with Mari Vineyards since the opening in May of 2016.

She has been working in the wine industry since 2010. Jenna received a Bachelors in Hospitality from Texas Tech University, and later a Masters of Science in International Sustainable Tourism from University of North Texas.

Jenna is a Texas transplant who has been living in Michigan since 2015. After studying abroad for 6 months in Costa Rica, she moved up to Northern Michigan in the dead of winter with the heaviest jacket she could find to learn about the growing wine country. She fell in love with the area and has been here ever since.