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Nellaserra Wines

The finest reds created from only the ripest grapes


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At Mari Vineyards we believe that the best wines come from the ripest grapes. Just like planting grapes on south-facing slopes to increase their exposure to the sun, we employ a few little tricks to make sure we end up with the ripest possible grapes each year. One of those tricks is to set up temporary greenhouses over the grapes in order to create warmer temperatures during the day and extend their growing season. It seems like common sense, but it’s a technique that is actually fairly new to winegrowing in the area. There is still a lot of work involved - usually in making sure the grapes don’t get too warm - but the benefits are numerous. Thanks to the warmer daytime temperatures, we estimate that our grapes have roughly 4 weeks of extra time to develop and ripen. In addition, thanks to northern Michigan’s cool nights, those ripened grapes are able to preserve their refreshing acidity.