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Tradition Meets Innovation




Sustainability Practices

At Mari Vineyards, we believe the best quality wine comes from the healthiest grapes, and the healthiest grapes are grapes grown with sustainable agriculture. That's why we're constantly working to develop our procedures to attain that goal. One such procedure is reducing our environmental footprint by way of renewable energy.
Our cropping system has also received MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program) Verification, which focuses on sustainable water use, soil conservation, and nutrient management with the goal of preventing erosion and runoff risks. And every growing season we continue to develop our farming practices so that we can responsibly continue making top quality wines long into the future. 
Below are details of some of our current sustainability efforts that help us to be the best stewards of our land:


   Bee & Butterfly Sanctuary

Panorama of the winery building overlooking East Grand Traverse Bay with the vineyards in the foreground




Owner Marty Lagina participates in many ventures, including his wind energy company, Heritage Sustainable Energy. Years ago, Marty bought an old dilapidated windmill on the corner of Highway 72 & Grey Road, repaired it, and created a renewable energy source that was able to offset our entire winery facility's energy needs. After the aging windmill was eventually decommissioned in 2022 it was replaced with an array of solar panels, continuing this energy credit program. 
Additionally, we also have a smaller windmill at our northernmost vineyard, Irish, which helps offset the energy utilized on that farm. These clean energy sources help inspire how things are done at Mari, with an eye for quality and sustainability.

Hoop House

Cave doors at the winery