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Returns & refunds

By state law, alcoholic beverages can only be returned or exchanged if the product is spoiled, deteriorated or contaminated. Once wine is shipped it is considered purchased and cannot be refunded for any but the above reasons. All risk of loss and damage to wine passes to you upon delivery of the wine purchased. 

In the event of breakage caused by UPS, please contact Andy ( so that we may begin the claim process through UPS. In some cases, visual evidence may be required for UPS to process the claim; if you are able to photograph the broken package, please do so. Once we have confirmation of the successful claim from UPS, Mari Vineyards will replace and reship the damaged product.  Please note that Mari Vineyards is not responsible for damaged wine due to adverse weather conditions. 

We will replace or refund you for any bottle of wine that is spoiled, deteriorated or contaminated. We ask for the return of the unfinished portion of the original bottle to the tasting room for replacement or refund. Once the wine is received we will either replace the flawed bottle with the current vintage of the same varietal, or we will refund your credit card account for the cost of the wine.


Please consider the weather between Mari Vineyards and your shipping destination. If extreme heat or cold is occuring, we recommend delaying your order until milder weather prevails. Extreme temperatures can result in damaged products—leakage, freezing, and cork pushing. Once wine leaves the winery, Mari Vineyards is not responsible for damaged wine due to adverse weather conditions.
Note: We may hold your order until weather reaches a safe temperature for shipping (>25°F). Packages are shipped Monday-Wednesday only to ensure extreme weather conditions or temperature variances do not affect your wine.

Order Errors

On the rare occasion a customer receives the wrong product, we will make every effort to correct the order. We are unable to accept the return of wine that was ordered in error by the customer. In the event that an order error is made by the customer, the customer is responsible for all costs incurred in correcting the error. This could include: differences in bottle price, restocking fees, and additional shipping charges. Please contact the Tasting Room regarding order errors with the paper invoice from your package readily available. 

Apparel Orders

If you need a refund or an exchange for apparel orders, please contact our Tasting Room Manager, Andy Jacobson, Please note that customers are responsible for the cost of shipping items back to Mari, but we will cover shipping the replacement items. 

For additional questions in regard to our shipping and return policies please contact our Tasting Room Manager, Andy Jacobson, 231.938.6116 ext 103 or