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Wine Specs
Old Mission Peninsula
Vineyard Designation
Jamieson, Grishaw, and Irish
Harvest Date
October 2nd, 26th 2018
Residual Sugar
0 g/L
Alcohol %

2018 Simplicissimus

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Flavor Notes
Clean, crisp with refreshing fruitiness. Lemon curd, pineapple, green apple.

The Simplicissimus was made in the ancestral method in a very “hands-off” style. The grapes were harvested from Jamieson on October 2nd 2018, and from Grishaw and Irish on October 26th. Non-traditional yeast Torulaspore Delbrueckii was used to ferment the base wine, with no further additions besides the ambient cellar yeasts already existing in the environment. Primary fermentation was halted early by chilling the juice, leaving 22 g/L of naturally occurring residual sugar. The wine then aged sur lee for 6 months, adding to the body and complexity of the base. We lightly filtered the base wine and bottled it with a crown cap. It then underwent secondary fermentation and aged for one year on its bottle lees. In July 2021 the bottles were sent to Bonobo for riddling and disgorging and topped off with more of the same wine to finish.

Food Pairings
Celebrate sparkling wine by enjoying the Simplicissimus as a apéritif, or pair with seafood like briny oysters and flavors like ginger and lemongrass. 

What does sparkling wine not go with?” - Sean O’Keefe

Designed to be enjoyed now, but could age to 2026.

Simplicissimus is a difficult way of saying something simple. This thought can be applied to how we made Simplicissimus. The “hands off” approach and unique fermentation was a more complex way to create this wine than the usual traditional method. The name has multiple inspiring origins, two of which are detailed below:

  • Simplicissimus was a German Satirical magazine published from 1896 -1967 that featured bright, bold, and artistically modern graphics Winemaker Sean O’Keefe enjoys. It published outspoken politically daring works from writers who were critical of rigid Prussian military figures and German social and class distinctions.  
  • The name originally stems from a book titled Simplicius Simplicissimus from 1669, known as a picaresque novel—a fiction genre depicting the adventures of witty or roguish lower social class heroes in corrupt societies. It was inspired by the events and horrors of the Thirty Year War which devastated Germany from 1618 to 1648, and is regarded as the first adventure novel in the German language and the first German novel masterpiece.

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