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Charcoal Compass Women's Tee

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Product Reviews

Linda Loomis's Gravatar
Linda Loomis
(Mar 10, 2023 at 4:37 AM)
I received this Compass Women's Tee yesterday and as of this morning, I am an unhappy long-distance customer. First, the T-shirt runs small. I am a tall woman, with lots of Scandinavian and Norman French bloodlines, and have a chest, so the fit is snug and unflattering. Second, the fabric is 25 percent rayon. I HATE rayon, and the font stating the fabric content of this T-shirt on the winery website is small and italic, if I recall correctly. Third, the color of the Templar cross is not a rich, vibrant red, but has an orange cast, not attractive when the color could have been far, far better. The red cross color doesn't match my red shoes. The charcoal color of the T-shirt is a far darker gray color than show on the Mari Vineyards website. Fourth, the T-shirt has a faux leather MV label sewn onto the bottom of the hem. LL Bean does this same sort of thing, and I always immediately reach for my seam ripper to detach this strange add-on to a piece of apparel. Really, how many times on one T-shirt do you have to advertise the winery? Given all these negatives, the T-shirt is expensive, not to mention the shipping and handling charge. I would have been better off ordering a men's T-shirt in 100 percent cotton? Will the winery reach out to me to make this a satisfactory purchase for me?

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