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Tradition Meets Innovation

Alex Lagina
April 15, 2016 | Website, Winery Construction | Alex Lagina

Villa Mari Vineyards is now Mari Vineyards

Why the change?

At Mari Vineyards, we were looking for a simpler way to represent our passion for winemaking with a shorter name and a new logo. That is why we have officially rebranded as Mari Vineyards to coincide with the upcoming grand opening of the winery in June 2016. As always, The Mari Vineyards team remains committed to producing top-tier wines using exotic varietals grown on Old Mission Peninsula.

Our opening will be highlighted by some new wines, including “Sezession,” a sparkling wine from our winemaker Sean O’Keefe. In addition, we are focusing on producing an unparalleled experience in our new tasting room with patio seating that offers panoramic views of East Bay.

Looking for a tour?

We will post information on our tour scheduling policies within the next few weeks so check back soon to find out more.

Changes are coming.

You can expect to see updates to our website and social media as we prepare for a new website launch that is expected to be unveiled this summer.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon and check back frequently to get the latest updates on the all the amazing changes coming to the winery. If you can’t wait, you can order our 2012 Praefectus (Best in Class Dry Red!) or sign up for our Reserve Wine Club to schedule your VIP Cave and Barrel Tasting.

Oh and by the way, here is a sneak peek at The Oculus.


Peter Geuzen's Gravatar
Peter Geuzen
@ Jun 7, 2016 at 10:04 AM
Templar Cross in The Oculus floor :)

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