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Tradition Meets Innovation

Alex Lagina
May 7, 2016 | Caverns, Videos, Winery Construction | Alex Lagina

Time-lapse of the Wine Caves Construction

From the beginning phases of planning for Mari Vineyards, Marty Lagina’s goal was to make the winery energy efficient and reduce its carbon footprint. While there have been numerous additions to make this possible, one of the most ambitious has been the wine caves.

You can learn more about the caves by visiting our caverns page.

Construction started on the caves in October 2014 (the start of the video) and the main cave structure was finished in January of 2015 (end of the video). It’s hard to see just how large the wine caves are below Mari Vineyards, so we thought showing you a video of the tunnels being constructed would give you the full picture.

If you really enjoy the time-lapse video let us know and we will add additional construction videos in anticipation of our grand opening.


William Allin (as in Bill) Storrer's Gravatar
William Allin (as in Bill) Storrer
@ May 30, 2016 at 6:25 AM
The time-lapse video is wonderful. Love the fact that you bought the wind tower from the local power company for your Winery. Having tasted many bottles of Row 7, working thru your other reds will be fun.

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