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Tradition Meets Innovation

Alex Lagina
June 24, 2016 | Caverns, Events | Alex Lagina

Here Comes the Sun – A Summer Solstice Sunrise

Photo by: Tom Balazs
From left to right: Olivia Lagina, Alex Lagina and Marty Lagina

Just as thousands gathered to witness the summer solstice sunrise at Stonehenge, a small group of friends and family came together to watch the sunrise at Mari Vineyards. As the sun rose slowly from the horizon, the chatter from the echoing caves fell to silence and the sun rose for the first summer solstice at Mari Vineyards.

The wine caves, which reside beneath the winery between 12-27 feet below ground level, are aligned with the summer solstice so that the sun rises in the center of the "summer solstice" passage. But this layout wasn’t merely the result of luck.

Marty Lagina, the owner of Mari Vineyards, carefully designed the wine caves to bring in the light of the summer solstice. Taking a cue from the history he encountered in his endeavors on Oak Island - right down to the Templar Cross inscribed at the center of the "Oculus."

Marty brought his vision to light.

Marty’s inspiration for the design came from locations in Ireland such as Newgrange which is a prehistoric monument that is aligned with the rising sun and is flooded with light during the winter solstice.

That’s not all.

At the center of the wine caves is the Oculus which boasts a circular opening at the center of its domed ceiling which allows light to shine down from above ground. At the focal point of this light and the center of the Oculus is a large compass rose which points at the suns position during the solstice.

When asked what his favorite aspects of the design were, Marty responded “the interplay of light,” “connectivity” and “the clockwork of the earth.”

Want to see it for yourself?

Tours can be booked by appointment. Please email or give us a call at 231.938.6116. Please visit our tour page for more information.

Can’t make it?

Check out our first shirt design which has the compass rose and summer solstice line from the Mari Vineyards Oculus. It will be available to purchase online soon and if you can’t wait, then you can pick one up from our tasting room.


Diane Fisher's Gravatar
Diane Fisher
@ Mar 30, 2017 at 11:49 AM
I am a new wine lover and am a dedicated follower of the Curse Oak Island. I hope to make the drive some day to your vineyard and have the opportunity to meet Marty or Rick(or both) and have a glass of your wine while taking in the beautiful scenery of the vineyard. Excited for your continued pursuit of and future success in the finding of the treasure on Oak Island. Cheers!

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